Networking impacts every person you meet and determines your ability to meet anyone you want to meet. Learn from Prabhat Gautam, who has been called the “best networker” and “the ultimate connector.” He has produced over 650 events in L.A. from business launches to fundraisers and galas. He is the go-to person for millionaires, celebrities, and business owners who are trying to meet the right people to launch or grow their projects. In this video, you will get an overview of why you should take this course that will change your life and help you meet everyone you want to meet.

How to Dominate The Networker Game Online Course $2150


“Prabhat is an amazing connector and organizer.  He is a doer.  He knows so many interesting people and he is always thinking of who might benefit from meeting whom – just yesterday I had an amazing call with someone, because Prabhat suggested we should know each other.  And he was SO right.  Prabhat genuinely loves people and he has a drive to make the world a better place, one person at a time, one event at a time.”

-Alexandra Paul, Actress, Writer and Producer

“Prabhat Gautam has the heart of a lion and his mission is to empower the people he meets to become the best versions of themselves and to contribute to humanity.  He is a master of bringing people together and advocate for positive change in the environments and causes he supports.  He has amassed a powerful network of celebrities, millionaires, and changemakers by inspiring them through the authenticity of his mission.  He is the ideal mentor for anyone trying to build a network, discover the best parts of themselves, and those looking to apply their gifts to making the world a better place.”

-Dr. Kien Vuu, MD

“Prabhat Gautam is an amazing connector in the animal rights/vegan world. He knows everyone. Everyone loves him and he has a gift for connecting activists who then team up to more effectively help animals. Prabhat’s work for has been invaluable. We need more people like Prabhat to create a web of compassion that will encompass the world.”

-Jane Velez-Mitchell, Journalist

“When our PR firm let us down with only 12 people for our new restaurant opening, I called Prabhat. In less than 48 hours we had a major guest list and 120+ media and social influencers. Prabhat is some kind of networking magician.”
-Ron Russell, Owner of SunCafe

Networking helps you:

* Meet new great friends that share your interests

* Have the confidence to go up to and ask out the person you will date and eventually marry

* Find a job 

* Find an apartment

* Find your beloved adopted dog or cat

Everything I Did Wrong & Will Save You From Making The Same Mistakes:

* I wanted the perfect business card, so I didn’t make one.

* I used to try to get every person’s business card and follow up with everyone.

* I took on projects and kept busy, but wasn’t excited about the projects and they didn’t match my long term goals.

* I didn’t go to social functions because I thought those had nothing to do with networking for business.

* I kept quiet about my true dreams because I didn’t want people to crush them.

What May Stop Someone From Taking This Course:

*Too expensive
It’s under $6 a day over a year.
We are networking or missing out on networking in every conversation whether we realize it or not.

*How do I know it will work for my career field?
Prabhat has been launching businesses, finding investors, producing fundraisers, founding a museum, making documentaries, and passing legislation. He has been involved in every major industry and has success stories from heads of companies that praise his ability to make the key connections through his network.

*Isn’t networking in person outdated with modern technology?
No matter how you fitst meet someone, most people will meet in person and how you interact and how well you are prepared determines who you work with. Understanding how to use technology to help with your in-person meetings is crucial to your success.

*Is this course going to be too theoretical or too technical?
The course was created by someone who talks with people from every socio-economic background, so it is straight forward and step-by-step. Prabhat hates when people try to use big words to act smart, he prefers doers who take action to show real accomplishments. This course is insightful, funny, easy to follow, and a guide to improve your networking skills from the best networker.


In this 5 week course, you will learn all the fundamentals and skills needed to be a great networker. These are the five sections we will cover.

MODULE 1: Setting Up Your Networking Tools

MODULE 2: How to Best Network at an Event

MODULE 3: How to Make the Most of Your In-Person Follow Up Meeting

MODULE 4: How to Make Networking Fun & Easy

MODULE 5: How to Track Your Networking Progress

How to Dominate The Networker Game Online Course $2150